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Daily oversold bounce underway, thru some recent resistance yesterday and back above the daily 12ema MSOS 6 month, daily candles Got thru that recent 19.50-19.67 resistance, on some increasing volume

See how long it can stay above the daily 12ema (white line)

Note in the past when this has happened, it's lasted between a week, 2 weeks20.40 next close resistance from 3/3

21ish is where the next chunk of volume profile starts to come in at

21.91 the 50 day MA overhead19.36 the daily 12ema

18.85 the low from yesterday and first support, first flag of caution if that breaks

Weekly bounce underway, 22.05 the weekly 12ema

and anything under 25.63 just the next weekly "lower high"

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