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3 months, daily candles Pushed over late Sept weekly resistance initially, then was hit with heavy selling yesterday afternoon 31 the low from yesterday first support

30.90 Friday's low after that

30.68 open gap

29.84 50 day MA Any "higher low" found anywhere above 28.39 keeps the uptrend intact on this timeframe

5 days, hourly candles Hourly RSI not quite oversold yet, but should get there if we flush the previous 2 days lows and head down to fill the gap and test that 50 day daily MA

Next big hourly volume shelf starts at around 30.30 and continues down to about 29.90

Inflows keep going up here for the ETF, and available free cash is now 200.6M as of yesterday. I'd think they'd look to be dip buyers as we come into the next supports and hourly oversold RSI's on the individual MSO's

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